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Your external tech department!

If your business was a skyscraper with floors for marketing, sales and HR, we are the floor full of geeks tapping away on laptops.

A full service technology consultancy for small businesses.

We believe technology should be helpful, not a headache!

A few things we’re great at

Why spend thousands of pounds of start-up funds when you can get the same result using already tested methods that can work together. The internet is an endless resource of integrations, plug-ins and free software. Let us help you find a working solution without breaking the bank.


Don’t pay a web developer £2000+ for a decent branded website. We can help put together a wordpress site with any number of beautiful themes. We can even host your site and point your domain to it.


Want an app for appointments, loyalty cards, social engagement, we’re happy to show you how to get the most from apps.


Brand needs work? Need a new logo? Want to stand out? We can help! 


Not got time to grow that network, let us handle it for you. With a monthly meeting for content we can help push your brand to your desired audience.

A little about us

8 out of 10 new businesses fail within 18 months!

We believe that a big reason for this is business owners wasting time trying to figure out their systems and then spending big on websites, apps and technology solutions that already exist.

No one starts a business and thinks “I can’t wait to sit up til the early hours of the morning figuring out how to build a website, app or complex spreadsheet”.

After working in the tech industry for some time and being asked by friends and family if we could help set up their businesses, we saw a need…and we started The Geek Floor.

Our Happy Clients

These companies picked our brains and liked what we did.