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We build all our apps in flutter…which means they work for both iOS and Android.

We have a curated set of features or we can even build a feature from scratch for you if required!


We look after everything. Keeping your app on the app store and making sure it is available for your clients as well as updates and adding features over time.


Need to change something, add something, remove something?

Just let us know and we handle it all for you.

Why do I need an app?

Loyalty Card Reward customer loyalty in a modern and exciting way with custom stamps on a digital loyalty card.

Push Notifications Keep in touch with your audience and send messages directly to their most used devices. Alert them to promotions, news and updates on the same device they will take action and book with you on. Integrations We’ll integrate your existing booking system, your instagram feed, anything you need can be found right in your very own app. Contact, directions and more… Clients calling you all the time? The app has all the answers and updates. Connect your app to Google or Apple Maps and they can walk straight to your business. Who is this for? Does your business deal with a large number of clients? Personal Trainers, Salons, Coffee shops, if you have clients or customers, they could have an app!

Super simple pricing

We like to keep it simple…that includes our pricing.

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