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We can help take your business from idea to reality. 

By working closely with you we will build your brand identity, logo’s, systems and presence and furnish you with everything you need to start your idea working.


Booking systems, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management Systems, Spreadsheets…all of this probably sounds alien, and that is because it is often done wrong.

Let us show you some of the best software out there and get you up and running.


Unsure how something works? Need it to work differently? We are the Geeks and we are here for you.

24/7 support from your geeky friends.


We’ve taken business ideas of our clients and indeed our own from the simple idea to having a fully fledged business up and running.

Work with us and we will transfer that vision of a logo from your brain to your screen. We will build your website, your app, get your systems talking to each other and make that tech headache go away!


10+ years in the tech industry for some of the biggest systems in the industry has taught us what works and what to look for.

We love it when a plan comes together and believe that no-one gets into business to spend the majority of their time trying to navigate the vast ocean of options out there without a guide (apart from us that is!).

Rather than spending precious hours finding the right system and learning how to use it, why not let us equip you with the best one for you and then set it all up for you? We’ll give you all the training you need and can even be your 24/7 support for your full tech stack! One number to call, one person to look after it all!

Super simple pricing

We like to keep it simple…that includes our pricing.

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